Shut-Off Policy

Your water bill is due on the 10th of each month. 

PENALTY - 10% penalty is added if not paid by 5pm on the 10th.

LATE FEE - $25 late fee is applied to all bills not paid by 5pm on the 20th.

SHUT OFFS - Shut offs begin on the 21st (Unless the 21st falls on a Friday and in that case it will start following Monday)

RECONNECT FEE - All charges must be paid in full for service to be restored. There is a $25 reconnect fee. There is an additional $35 after-hours reconnect fee applied after 5pm for a total of $60.

                          *AFTER HOURS RECONNECTS STOP AT 9PM*


It is up to your to remember to pay your bill each month. There are no reminders before shut-offs begin other than through the ALERTS option.


Note: If you pay your bill online we will not receive notice of this until the next business day. All accounts must have a zero balance before services can be restored. Please read below: 

****IMPORTANT: If your water has already been turned off you must add the $25 late fee and $25 turn off fee before services can be restored. You will need to add this to your total when making a payment online. Once payment has been made in full you will then call the Water Dept (501-455-3195) with the Order ID from the confirmation email you receive.****